Topas Pro 65 Safe (536 L) - Burglary Test Grade II - Key Lock

Topas Pro 65 (536L) Grade 2
Topas Pro is a series of safes in high quality.  Manufactured and certified in Germany. A Topas Pro safe can be used for secure storage of cash, documents and valuables that needs high security protection. A Topas Pro safe is made in a beautiful design that will look great in companies, retail or private homes. The safe is burglary tested in Grade 2, according to European Standards (EN 1143-1). This is a very high burglary testing grade. Topas Pro has a patented filling in the walls. This reduce the weight of the safe with 20 % compared to other similar safes.

This model is with key lock. 

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  • Grade II prevents burglars from access for 80 minutes

More Information
Produit Topas Pro 65 Safe (536 L) - Burglary Test Grade II - Key Lock
Safe Series SafeGear MT - Gamme de coffres-forts certifiés en classe S1, solution adaptée pour les particuliers afin de conserver les objets de valeur en sécurité. Disponible avec une serrure à clé ou électronique.
Type de coffre-fort À poser
Recommandé pour Documents, Médicaments, Objets de valeur
Délai de livraison 1 semaine
Couleur RAL 7024 (Standard). RAL 7035 (Optionnel). Autres couleurs (optionnel)
Burglary Classification Classe II
Normes de certification EN 1143-1
Burglary Test Center VdS et ECB•S Allemagne
Cash Rating GRADE II
Serrure Serrure à clé
Type de serrure Serrure à clé double-panneton (145 mm)
Clés inclues 2
Poids - (kg) 785.00
Nombre d'étagères 4 Étagères amovibles
Volume (L) 536
Capacité - Classeurs 45
Capacité - Dossiers suspendus 6 rows of 69 cm (1 row per shelf, 6 shelves)
Hauteur - Extérieur (mm) 1900
Largeur - Extérieur (mm) 850
Profondeur - Extérieur (mm) 550
Profondeur - incl. serrure et poignée 626
Hauteur - Intérieur (mm) 1825
Largeur - Intérieur (mm) 767
Profondeur - Intérieur (mm) 383
Porte - Hauteur 1785
Door Opening - Width (mm) 740
Door Opening - Angle 180 Degrees - External Hinges
Width - Door Open 180 Degrees 1631
Profondeur - Porte ouverte à 90° 1360
Hinges side Right Side
Structure des pênes 4-sided bolts
Fixation Sol

Topas Pro 65 (536L) - Strong burglary tested safe

Topas Pro is made of high quality materials to ensure a high protection against theft. A Topas Pro safe is made of a clean design, that looks great in companies, retail or in private homes. This safe is ideal to store documents, money or other valuables that require high security protection.

Burglary tested according to European Standards in Grade 2.

The Topas Pro series are burglary tested according to European Standard EN 1143-1 in Grade 2. This burglary protection class ensures a high security of your valuables. The Topas Pro series is manufactured and certified in Germany by ECB-S.
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Solid and reliable valuable safe

The safe is built with solid materials. Topas Pro has patented filling in the walls to secure a light-weighted safe. Due to this, the Topas Pro series is up to 20% lighter than similar models. The door has external hinges and can be opened 180 degrees in order to ensure an easy access to your valuables.
Strong bolts (Ø 40 mm) are placed in the four sides of the safe's door.

The safe can be bolted to the floor.

Lock options

Topas Pro can be delivered with a key lock (145 mm key length) with to keys.

Configuration Options 

Topas Pro comes in the colour RAL 7024 (Grey Graphite) but it can also be delivered in the colour RAL 7035 (Light Grey). 
You can add additional shelves for a better storage.

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