RDM 100

RDM 100 is a high speed, shortedge banknote validator. It is great inteligent deposit safe for your financies, which offers the counter applications, with a full width image scanning for superior banknote validation, dye stain note detection and serial number reading. One way banknote transport provides high-tech processing at 6 notes per second.

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ProduitRDM 100
ModèleRDM 100
Recommandé pourArgent en espèce
Ignifuge PendantNon a Isolé au feu
Hauteur - Extérieur (mm) 1380
Largeur - Extérieur (mm)520
Profondeur - Extérieur (mm)650

RDM 100
This smart depositing system is ideal solution for banking/currency exchange stores but as well for the shops, kiosks, other types of the markets where the banknotes are needed to be safely deposited and monitored before the transport company delivers the safe sealed bags to the bank.

Key facts
RDM 100 is coming with DB lock. It includes 1x safebag with capacity of 10000 banknotes transportation. Feeder is able to count and validate 360 notes / min. The system has a thermoprinter for printing the receipt for the banknote depositor. Personal can access the system via card reader or a pin and all of the transactions can be monitored over Ethernet/USB/RS232 communication protocols. 8" touch screen provides easy and userfriendly processes.

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