Cervo V Kombi - 7 Rifles - Grade 1

The Cervo Gun Safe is with Burglary Protection in Grade I. 

Ideal for securing Guns, Ammunition and other Hunting gear.

This safe ideally fits not only for  Private Homes but also for Gun Ranges, Police or Military.

Built to resist against burglary attacks including a special barrier to withstand hammer, chisel, drill and cutting equipment.

The door is secured by 4-sided door locking and it can be opened 180 degrees. Safe’s door interior is secured with Cylinder lock.

The Cervo Gun Safe is built to bolt to the floor using the supplied mounting kit.

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  • La Classe I empêche l'accès par effraction pendant 30 minutes.

Plus d'Informations
ProduitCervo V Kombi - 7 Rifles - Grade 1
SérieFormat Cervo
Recommandé pourArmes
Poids - (kg)640
Classification Anti-EffractionClasse I
Normes de certificationEN 1143-1
Cash RatingGRADE I
Ignifuge PendantNon a Isolé au feu
Nombre d'étagères3 Étagères amovibles
Capacité - Armes7 Hand Guns
Hauteur maximum armes (mm)1496
Hauteur - Extérieur (mm) 1800
Largeur - Extérieur (mm)850
Profondeur - Extérieur (mm)550
Profondeur - incl. serrure et poignée592 
Hauteur - Intérieur (mm)1 735 
Largeur - Intérieur (mm)778 
Profondeur - Intérieur (mm)415 
Ouverture de la porte - Angle180 Degrés - Charnières Externes
Côtés des CharnièresCôté Droit

CERVO Gun Safe - Burglary Tested in Grade I

CERVO Gun Safe is ideal for long weapons such as rifles and other hunting equipment.

This Weapon Safe can not only protect your firearms but also valuables like rifle scope, ammunition, cash, documents, which may be otherwise around unsecured.

Designed for installation in private homes, gun ranges, police stations, and military organizations.

Certified in Grade I according to European Standards

The CERVO Gun Safe is certified in Germany in accordance with the European standard EN 1143-1.

Key Facts

In order to protect your firearms the door is  secured by 4-sided locking bolts. The walls of the safe are built to protect against burglary attacks including a special barrier to withstand hand tools such as a drill and chisel. Inside there is a small lockbox built into the top of the CERVO Gun Safe, which can hold a pistol, ammunition, or valuable personal belongings. This interior safe is secured with cylinder lock

The CERVO safe can be bolted to the floor for security against theft. 

What makes the Cervo Weapon Safe a good investment?  

  • Capacity- at least 14 rifles
  • Door compartments/ Shelves- Cervo V and Cervo V MULTI SET includes 5 door compartments and shelves
  • External hinges- the door can be opened to 180°, which makes the gun easily accessible for the owners in times of need

For each country there are different requirements for storage of weapons and ammunition - please inform yourself about the regulations applicable in your country.

CERVO Gun Safe series are available in Gray Graphite (RAL 7024).

Lock Options

The CERVO Weapon safe is available with:

  • Double-bit high security key lock, with 2 keys
  • High-security electronic lock 

Both the key lock and code lock are insurance approved.

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